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Low crown hats for small heads

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Low crown hats for small heads

Picking the best low crown hats for small heads is not so easy, especially a hard task for female head people. considering many hats styles available on an online marketplace. So when you choose small head low crown hats you may measure your head perfectly.

our top recommendation is when you select your hats you must follow some special features like brim size, is it good for any outdoor activities or perfect for the sun? If you want a perfect small head hat for both men and women now you are staying at the right place.  This is the best place to choose the right size small head low crown hats.

What is the crown hat?

The term “crown” is used to refer to understand those hats which are fit perfectly all over the head of the wearer. as a demand of wearer this type of hat vary from height person to people .people can easily measure the crown size from the brim in front of the hat center hole of the crease .crown not only give you extra facilities but also this features make your hat very fascinating.

What is a low crown?

So first of all we want to ask you what is a low profile hat? a low profile or low crown hat is lower than other hats like fedora, bucket hat,.you should also remember this hat fits with your head more snuggly where your hats correspond to the top of your head. although a low crown that fits almost all people, these minor features you cannot ignore when your hat is pulled down under your ears.

What is a crown fit hat?

A crown fit hat is refer to how must do it long or small from the top of the hat. The crown fit would be low or high. A higher crown fit for a big head & a lower crown fit for a small head. It looks like your hat is much larger or has more headroom than another hat for a High crown. These snappier-looking hats fit closer in your head for their sharper features. 

What is a low crown fit?

The main feature of the low crown is it looks a lot fit closely to your head. You cannot rise up this hat above the brim of that hat. These hats make creating not more than dramatic effects to take the shape of your head. low crown make  more attention to other people for its small size draws

How do you calculate hat size?

Small: If your head  size will be 20 1/2 – 21 ⅝ inches  so it would be recommended for S/M or small size 

Medium: If your head  size will be 22 1/8 – 22 ½ inches it would be recommended for ML or medium size 

Large: If your head  size will be 23 – 23 ⅜ inches it would be recommended for L/XL, XXL, or large size 

Extra-large: If your head  size will be 23 3/4 – 24 ½ inches it would be recommended for L/XL, XLLL or extra-large 

Very high-quality affordable prices Low crown hats for small head :

Our top Recommendations 

$9.97 - $29



63% Polyester

34% Cotton

3% Spandex

Stretch Fitted closure

fit all sizes

 hard buckram sewn

versatile colors

good  durability and comfort

 excellent structure

Very impeccable style




100% Polyester

Elastic closure

stretch fit





48% Acrylic

40% Polyester

12% Wool

Twill fabrication

mesh back panels

Mid fit

structured front

Curved bill

RVCA woven label


Under Armour


FREE Shipping Scent Control

technology traps

sleek low profile fit

Poly twill construction

$24.36 - $39.04

Under Armour



sweatband wick

keep you cool & dry

comfortable fit




Adjustable closure

Machine Wash

Relaxed fit

Branded taping

Pre-curved bill

$22.00 - $29.99



90% Polyester & 

10% Spandex

Super breathable

6-panel stretch fit

textured mesh built 

offset embroidered badge with logo

Climalite moisture-wicking 


Under Armour


Hook and Loop closure

pre-curved visor


protects your skin from harmful rays

Mesh panels

an ultra-soft


free returns & shipping




intage Washed Cotton

Unstructured Low Profile 

Soft inner sweat band 

one size fit

most of heads

perfect  fit for a many of occasions like hiking,picnic etc. 

$18.75 - $37.52

Under Armour


60% Polyester,

 40% Elastane

UA Classic Fit

 foam padding

 UA Microthread

superior stretch & breathable fabric

$13.20 - $29.99



Official licensed
71% Cotton 
28% Nylon 

plastic snap closure

Black under visor
Adjustable (OSFA)

$11.21 - $20.95



Soft structure

Sweep low profile

crown height 3 1/8""

What is the most common fitted hat size?

we mentioned before head sizes and face shapes vary from zone to zone. The most common men’s head size is 7-⅜ and the average hat size for women is 7-¼.

Are low-crown hats good for small heads?

Low crown profile hat fit greatly. any men & women’s small or medium head size. Low crown hats would be a prime choice for those people who really sit above the ears with adjustable styles .this adjustable styles start from 55cm & this size can be somewhat more or less. According to Wikipedia, The national average head size  is calculated  to fall between 20 and 22 inches, but there is  non-government data  unavailable on adult head size.”A sample women’s medium & small head size is gradually  22.5 inches to 20 inches.

What is considered a small head?

According to the USA, the hat size is 67/8. The average head size for females size is being 55cm and the average male size is being 57cm. As the microcephaly definition small head smaller than a specific value for same age kids and same age sex. The common value for microcephaly normally consists of under the average 2 standard deviations. It also the size value designed not more than the Third percentile. the average women’s head size is 7 1⁄4 inches. For example, if your head size would be 20 1/2 – 21 ⅝ it would be a great hat for a small head. 

What is one size fits most?

For adults small heads, size will generally be 54 or 55 centimeters or 21 ¼ inches.  One size fitting hats almost all hats when basically fit heads measurement with an amplitude of 22” to  23”.When you purchase a hat for your head size you should measure your head alpha or numerically .so, first of all, you should measure be carefully measure head size. according to Wikipedia normal head size for adult females is 55cm (21 3⁄4 in ) and for adult males, head size is 57cm (22 1⁄2 in).

How to calculate the head size for a small head? 

Actually, hat size depends on head size. you should take the perfect measurements to determine your hat size. To measure head size first of all you can take a tape & keep your tape one and half an inch above your eyebrows. then you would be  specific  that the tape measure is literally  so that it would not be tortiled

What is the common hat size for the low crown?

It is important to measure women’s Head Hat Sizing. As the US sizing The common head size for women is 7 14. obviously, head sizes and shapes vary from men & women. it also can differ from country to country. The adult female head circumference to be 55cm and the adult male head circumference to be  57cm.

What is the average low crown hat size?

It would be great for small-size hats when you head size 55cm or 21 ¼ inches. It is important to note that people’s Head sizes are not equal. It varies from person to person just like vary from region to region. The most usual male hat size is 7-⅜ and the average female hat size is 7-¼.both size is not accurate 100%. It would be somewhat must more or less. 

How long should a hat crown be?

Normally hat crown should be 4 ½”& it also will be deflected .generally, a crown measurement is and can be deflected anywhere between 4” and 4 ¾ inches. You should be choosing the right size brim which is composed of facial shape. The brim size highlights the facial features of your hats. Basically, the brims measure 4” and It’s depending on the people’s expression shape can vary between 3 ¾” and 4 ¼ inches.

Do they make hats for small heads?

You can get many Stores & Brands online for  Small Heads  Hats. Just like a Petite style hat which includes fedoras, beanies, Zappos, and straw hats. It is very interesting for Zapposuser to allow you to filter down your hat.  Any under  8 inches in their major size section will fit perfectly in small or medium heads.

How do you make a hat fit with a small head?

To Fit a Smaller Sized Head you should follow these 3 steps:

  1. Do you know any foam or terry cloth will reduce the hat size? so you should purchase terry fabric for a small head
  1. sweatbands are inserted into your hat to make it smaller. obviously, select the sweatband hat.
  1. Custom low crown hat fitting or fumigate, which includes fumigation by a conservative hat fitter.

What is the dissimilation between the low & high crown hats?

The most remarkable dissimilation between A high crown & a low crown is size. A high crown hat has a tall crown.& its more squared peak included. The low crown hat has unstepped & it is not an angle that’s why it’s used commonly every time. 

What is a low crown cowboy hat?

We know low crown hats fit well & provide sun protection for wide brim but it is a matter of regret that low crown cowboy hats stop circulating hot air. .it is often familiar today as gambler hats.

Why do low crown hats make you look better with a small head?

When you wear a low crown hat, you are putting extra volume above your small head. It makes it too small to make your oval face look more oval. You can feel more comfortable with your hat styles generating extra volume through this low crown. If you want more, like better, with makeup you can create shadows on your face. 

The best brand for low crown hats for small heads:

  • Nike
  • Adidas 
  • New era 
  • Falari 
  • Kangol
  • Columbia
  • McLaren
  • melin Hydro

The best low crown hats for small heads women:

  1. New Era 940 Women’s low crown hats


  • This low crown hat made of 100% pure cotton 
  • Its Clasp closure item 
  • Its front site  is embroidered in New York
  • Its made of high-quality materials
  • Use this item New York Yankees logo


  • This item is not accurate with picture information 

2. Kangol Tropic Women’s low crown hats


  • Its have a Relaxed rounded crown
  • Use 100% Cotton to make 
  • Squared-off & Flat-top crown included 
  • One Size Fits Most & very iconic styles 
  • Many sizes available for this hat 


  • This is a hand wash  item only 

3. Funky Junque Women’s low crown hats


  • Perfect for  20.5 and 23.5 inches head 
  • 60% Cotton &  40% Polyester
  • Recommended for  cycling and golfing
  • Its Brim length is 2.75 inches
  • An extra layer of padded cushion
  • unstructured low-profile crown
  • adjustable closure included 
  • This is a  classic style cap
  • It provides comfort all day long 
  • Its closer type Hook & loop 
  • Its have multiple options
  • It would be great for group pics
  • Great for using with jeans, t-shirts, jackets, etc.


  • No bad review available for this hat 

4. Columbia low crown hat for women


  • This hat made of 98% Cotton & only 2% Elastane
  • flag patch design & breathability to wear any  temperature
  • This unisex fishing hat subtle style included 


  • Someone’s opinion Cheap Chinese Fabric 
  • No Closure available & faded color
  • Too structured hat 

5.Kangol Tropic Ventair hat for small head 


  • This hat made of 60% Polyester & 40% Acrylic
  • This is a vent air space hat 
  • Perfectly fit for small size head 
  • Highly recommended for 21-21.5 inches head 
  • This hat is size 6-6.5
  • Good quality and fits well 
  • Good ventilation for air flowing 
  • Highly recommended for use in summer  or spring 


  • Hand Wash item 
  • very cool hat.

6. Kangol Denim Wool low crown hat 


  • This item made of 70% Cotton & 28% Polyester 
  • Approximately 2% PU Spandex use to make this hat 
  • This item full Fitted closure
  • It’s Relaxed & one-piece rounded crown 


  • It is recommended for Hand Wash Only
  • Someones said its decent hat

7. New Era Star Wars women hat 


  • Its Fitted closure item 
  • Its have an Official license
  • Star Wars Boba fitted 
  • its weight is only 7 Ounces


  • No bad review for this hat 

8. Funky Junque Women’s hat for small head 


  • 100% cotton
  • One size fits most
  • Unconstructed Vintage
  • comfortable to wear
  • Recommended for outdoors & indoors activities 


  • Spot clean only

9. Funky Junque Criss Cross low crown Hat 


  • Almost 70% cotton and 30% polyester was used to make this item 
  • This is GREAT QUALITY Adjustable hook & loop messy bun  hat 
  • This lightweight hat is made of  65% cotton 35% polyester.
  • This super-soft  hat elastic stretchy & Velcro closure & GREAT LOOK
  • These crisscross bands hats are perfect for 20 and 24 inches head 
  • This hat is very flirty and stylish


  • Its Made for tiny heads
  • Runs small

10. Nike Authentic hat for small head 


  • This Dri-FIT moisture unstructured low crown design
  • Its closure type Hook and Loop Swoosh design
  • This item reduces sun glare
  • This hat is Made of 100% polyester


  • Someone’s opinion maybe it’s Wrong Color & Cheap quality
  • Its Looks refurbished

The best low crown hats for small heads men: 

1. New Era Authentic men’s low crown hats


  • adjustable fit black embroidered  logo included 
  • This item material made of 100% Polyester
  • This is a Low Crown hat with Unstructured Relex fit included 
  • This is a Curved bill Adjustable Strap fitting hat
  • Six-panel construction included with this item 
  • This item is Officially Licensed & Surface Washable


  • Sorry, No bad review available 

2. Nike Authentic Dri-FIT hats for small heads


  • This item closure Hook and Loop 
  • Very Comfortable & looks good 
  • Dri-FIT moisture & back panels
  • contrast Swoosh design
  • 100% Dri-FIT polyester
  • Its  Very lightweight and airy hat 
  • Best for running 


  • Shows sweat stain
  • not worth the price

3. SINA cove Men’s  low crown small head hat


  • This hat Made in Vietnam
  • Made of 100% Cotton
  • Hat Size 22.83 only 
  •  perfect for coordinating


  • Sorry, no reviews were found 

4. Falari Classic low crown hats for small heads


  • very Excellent Quality & Unstructured Soft Crown
  • Specially made for unisex 
  • This Low Profile Hat Adjustable Size included 
  • Very Comfortable & Durable item 
  • It’s great quality and very affordable price.
  • It’s Sweet Lid!


  • Sorry, no bad  reviews were found 

5. Nike Men’s U NSW caps for men $84


  • Include Ideal air circulation with this hat 
  • It is Personalized for  Comfort
  • Classic 6-panel design
  • Use Dry-fit technology 


  • Sorry, bad  reviews were not found 

6. Kimoa Men’s low crown hats for small heads


  • Its Quality is very  amazing
  • 100% acrylic fabric
  • Adjustable closure
  • 3D in fluor colors
  • Multicolor cap with custom snapback.


  • Sorry bad  reviews were unavailable 

7.melin Hydro hats for small heads $59


  • Perfect hat for Small, Classic, and XL size 
  • Its Snap closure & good breathability.
  • Curved Bill Exterior Crown hat 
  • This is a Hydrophobic crown panels hat 
  • It’s water-repellent &  floatable


  • Someone’s opinion it’s the Way overhyped cap
  • Its Quality seems legit &  purple


8. Adidas Men’s Stadium hat for small head $21-$74


  • This men hat made of 97% Polyester  & 3% Spandex
  • This Low crown hat  pre-curve brim included 
  • Its have the 6-panel stretch fit silhouette
  • 100% five-star review 


  • Hand Wash item otherwise no bad review  

9.melin Hydro Trenches low crown hats for small heads 


  • Floatable & soft touch snapback
  • Its Classic size – 58cm only 
  • Breathable
  • water repellant
  • Exterior Crown


  • smashed flat!
  • gaudy logos
  • Poor fit 
  • Not worth the pp

10.McLaren F1 Essentials low crown hats


  • This polyester hat Made in China
  • Only the Front panel structure
  • Item Weight ‏7 Ounces
  • Classic shape
  • Open back style
  • snap closure


  • bad review unavailable 

Final thought :

Finally, we think you have got some pure idea about low crown hats for a small head. Actually, head size is the main factor to fit a low crown .in addition to colors, brim size, etc you cannot ignore those features to choose the right hat for a small head. We think this post will help to make the right decision. if you face any problem choosing a low crown hat to contact us. So that we will discuss your issue to solve as soon as possible & make your day special with a low crown.

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