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Hats that look good on small heads

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Hats that look good on small heads

Which hats look good on small heads? let’s know:-This is the best place to choose small size 20-22″ & extra small size 19-21” hats. Both sizes are perfectly fitted to your small head. Just like  Kristy & Sedona petite is perfectly fit for heads that look good on small heads. Some Tula palm leap ranch hats you can choose as small head hats.

best hats for small heads that will keep your head warm and stylish

Hats are one of the most important pieces of clothing you can wear, and they’re also one of the most versatile. Not only do they keep your head warm and stylish, but they can also be used for a variety of purposes, from protection from the sun to boosting your confidence. If you’re petite or have a small head, then you’ll want to check out our list of the best hats for small heads. We’ve included both classic and trendy hats, so there’s sure to be something that appeals to you. Let these hats keep your head warm and stylish all winter long!

This is important to note that, These hats look good on sunny days just like Boardwalk &  Fun Days straw hats. sometimes it is a very hard task to find an accurate size &  one size fits well according to your face shape.

Please don’t worry about head size & hat size. We hope this post will be very helpful in choosing the perfect hat size. Let us just say we are very glad to know that this post is only for those people who have a small head. We briefly described a petite dress for women & how it is hard to shop for super comfortable small head hats.

There’s no need to feel limited when it comes to fashion choices because small stature doesn’t mean you have to forgo all your favorite trends. Hats are a great way to keep your head and ears warm in the winter, while still looking stylish. For those who want something more stylish, beanies can be decorated with feathers, flowers, or other textiles to make them unique and personalized! Some hats come with ear flaps that can be folded back for extra protection. Straw hats are a popular choice because they’re lightweight and easy to pack up for travel or storage. And lastly, beanies are also a good option because they protect your ears from wind and cold weather, while still looking fashionable!

How do measure a small head? 

The measurement of head size is not only very easy but also very difficult because head size differs from person to person. we give some important measurements to measure easily your head size. Before we  continue, let’s know A perfect hat sizing following the chart included below: So let’s get started:

Small(S): It is easily fitted at 21 ¼ inches or 54 Centimeters head size. This is considered the standard size for a small head. These sizes of Hats look good on small heads. we can also say not only 21 ⅝ inches but also 55 Centimeters is also considered a small head size. Those are easily fit in small head adult size. 

Medium (M): 22 inches or 55.9 Centimeters head size considered a standard medium head size. This site is easily fitted for medium head size. 22 ¾ or 57.8 Centimeters head size is considered medium-large. Those standard one sizes fit most people’s heads. According to our recommendation, those sizes are perfect for adult men & women.

Large(L): 23 ½ inches or 59.7 Centimeters head size considered as standard large size head. This head size is perfectly fitted for adult large head size people. 23 ⅞ inches or 60.6 Centimeters is considered a medium-large head size. Large head size hat fitted perfectly 7 ⅝ size head. this measurement would be great for large head men & women.

Extra large (XXL): The XXL size or extra-large head size is considered 24 ¼ inches or 61.6 Centimeters. this is highly recommended for those people who have a big size head. If your head size is 24 ⅝ inches or 62.5 Centimeters it’s also considered an extra-large head size. 61.6  & 62.5 Centimeters head size is considered extra-large head sizes. 

Which hat really looks good for a small head?

It is a standard hat size  6 ¾ for a well-fitting baseball cap for small heads. This 6 panel is perfect for women whose head is small. this 6-panel hat normally goes well with modesty head-sized. this Flex Fits hat is very sturdy & odor resistant .you can use this hat in the summer months for quite breathable & it will be most helpful to fit with your small head.

What is a good hat for small heads?

Keeping your head warm this winter can be tricky, especially if you have a small head. That’s why it’s important to choose the right hat for small heads. A good hat for small heads is one that covers the entire head, is comfortable, and stylish. To ensure a good fit, try on the hat a few times and make sure it’s soft, doesn’t pinch your head, and is colorful enough to spruce up your look. If you’re looking for a hat that will keep your head warm and protected from the sun and wind, choose a brim or visor.

Hats that look good on small head 


 BRAND : Lisianthus


65% Cotton, 35% Polyester

elegant and charming

24 colour available 

Pull-On closure

Adjustable strap inside

Breathable &  lightweight 

Classic design

BRAND : Lanzom


Made of Polyester, Cotton &  Wool

65% worsted fiber & 35% wool.

One size fits all most head 

Classic retro design

perfect gift for a friend.

fashionable on-trend



Smart Buckle closure

attractive and distinctive style.

65% cotton &  35% polyester

lightweight and flexible

Lots of  fantastic colors 

Use High-quality materials 

classic shape &  three-dimensional cut

Very trendy and pretty

belt buckle



32 available color

Three Sizes Available

Hook and Loop closure

Adjustable Washed Cotton

Brim:3 1/2incha and crown (9cm)

 comfortable and breathable

Pure Australian Wool

 easy to clean/wipe off

stylish for a very long time

very sturdy




structured Australian wool


Made of 100% firm wool

Wool felt flat stiff brim

Use knotted ribbon for elegant style.

Very fast and effective


This type of hat has ultra-stylish &  eye-catchy designs. There are many styles of hats available in this world like fedoras, Panama, straws, classic beanies, Zappos, etc. if your head size is small that means 21 ¼ inches head size or 7″  hat sizes are really good looking on your small head.

Which crown is good for a small head? 

There are many types of crowns available for small heads like low crown, mid crown, and high crowns. The mid crown provides a natural look. this crown is also called the perfect crown. this low crown perfectly matches your face shapes or head shapes, sizes, and color. The best feature of ceramics crown hats is their front teeth restorations included which are metal-free & biocompatible. this biocompatible feature is 100% toxic-free.

Is that really good on low-profile hats for small heads?

Low crown hat fitted with your head snuggly & also fitted perfectly by those people who wear small to medium sizes hats. This is the primary choice for those people because it sits perfectly with your ears. The adjustable hat sizes start at 57centimtres & they can be somewhat larger or smaller.

Which brim looks good on a small head?

You should follow that your hat is no wider than your shoulders. We know tall crowns are very long & & also its upturned brim is very long and you may look shorter with this hat.

You may also feel discomfort with these snapback & flat brim. you should remember darn brim looks too huge. Finally, we want to say you should wear a tall crown, wide &  upturned brim for a small head. You should skip on brims being it’s too high or deep.

Which Stores & Brands caps are good for Small Heads?

Caps that look good on small head 


BRAND : adidas 


100% Cotton 

Very pretty color


traditional silhouette.

back closure for a perfect fit.

Center front embroidered logo 

Moisture-wicking sweatband

Very dry and cool

FREE Shipping



Free shipping & returns

100% Polyester

No Closure

Rubber Patch Logo

Back Embroidery

Stretch Fit

BRAND : Under Armour


84% Polyester &  16% Elastane

Use UA Storm technology

UA Classic Fit features 

pre-curved visor

structured front panels

low profile fit

comfortable fit & feel

keep you cool & dry

Stretch construction  to fit better

BRAND : Champion Ameritage


Machine Wash

Relaxed fit

Pre-curved bill

Adjustable strap

Self sweatband


BRAND : Under Armour


60% Polyester, 40% Elastane

Made in Vietnam

 Best for S/M 20⅞-21½ head

foam padding for comfort

UA Microthread fabric 

HeatGear sweatband wicks 

superior stretch & breathability

The best Stores & Brands hats that look good  on Small Heads :


Amazon is one of the greatest online marketplaces to choose the best small-head men’s & women’s hats that look good. It has a great accountable return policy. You will buy any hat from your home fort to feel better. They provide petite-friendly hats like Brixton, stetson, Coolibar, Sunday Afternoons, Wallaroo, lack of color, etc.

Etsy – 

Etsy is the most popular online global marketplace for selling very unique and creative 45 million items. you can also get the perfect wedding gift here. they provide unique handcrafted items which are specially made for women.

this brand is popular for women’s items like hats. Their hats are made for small-headed women. You can also customize their item based on your head size. Their Liddlehats & baseball caps fit perfectly.


Nick Beighton is the CEO of the brand “asos”.It’s one of their favorite & largest fashion brand for a selection of women’s hats. especially for small sizes. You can filter fedora, Panama, Zappos, beanie, etc. they designed their items in the UK.

you can purchase here clothing, shoes, and any women’s accessories that you are looking for .this brand provides ASOS Curve, Tall &  Petite fashion hats, and Maternity. they deliver their item in 2 ways like Standard Delivery  & Express Delivery.

Hat Attack – 

This is one of the popular stores for fashion-forward hats almost all of the season. They provide classic style small-size fedora hats, straw hats, sun hats, raffia, Panama, boating hats, hiking hats, women’s beanies, etc. This brand was first published in 1981  by BJ and Bill Gedney. this brand works hard to maintain & care for the integrity of the style.


“To live and deliver WOW” is their main purpose. At first 20 years ago they only sold shoes. nowadays this brand also provides clothing, handbags, women’s hats for small heads, and other accessories. This brand provides the best customer service. approximately 7” adult size head will perfectly be fitted for a small head.

Nordstrom – 

This is a UK-based online store. This online store is very popular for Faster &  Easier Shopping. This store Makes a Free Return Curbside. Customers can return your item within 5-7 business days.

Customer happiness is their first and foremost goal. In the USA people can call 1.888.282.6060 to exchange any item. you can only exchange if your item was oversized  & perishable .there is no restocking fee& they also accept contactless payment. this store carries good brands like BP and Topshop.

Village Hats – 

This is one of the best UK-based stores for selling petite hats for all seasons like winter, summer, spring, etc. If you are looking for authenticity, this is the best place to find a provides iconic items, good styles, and colors with 10,098 Reviews. this store was founded in 1980 by Fred Belinsky (1948-2014).he launched its online website in 1997. they provide the best possible prices and services to satisfy their customers.

Setar Trading –

Their hats perfectly fit small and extra-small hat sizes. if your head size would be from 20-22″  it would be a great fitting hat with your head. they provide summer hats fedora, wide brim straw hats, and classic visors. Those styles are perfectly matched with your small head. 

Hats for Small Heads :

One of my friends asked me where she got a perfect hat with her small head.I said to her it is actually hard to fit perfectly with her head. If so, you can follow our recommendation to choose the perfect petite hats which are really familiar with small size hats.

Those are hats specially made for little smaller women hats that look good on small heads. these men, women, or unisex hats basically made of larger proportions. it is a good chance for smaller-sized baseball hats, snapbacks, etc. Surprisingly enough it’s a   good selection of trucker hats for small heads.

Men’s hats look good on small heads:

  1. Under Armour baseball cap 


  • Made from 100% Polyester
  • higher crown for a comfortable fit
  • Structured maintains shape
  • keep you cool & dry
  • Embossed UA logo
  • HeatGear sweatband


  • Mis shaped
  • unable to control
  • No back strap

2. The Fedora : Budget-Friendly: Lack of Color Unisex Fedora


  • 100% Australian Wool
  • Vintage Classic & Trimmed
  • stitched gross-grain ribbon
  • Brim size is only 8 cm / 3.15”.
  • simply steam
  • Small hat size (55 cm)


  • No bad reviews available 

3. The sun hat Budget-Friendly: Tilley Endurables unisex sun hat 


  • Maximum sun protection
  • The fabric of This item is certified UPF rate  50+
  • Airflow included with extra ventilation
  • 3/4″ around crown included 
  • skin cancer protection
  • Water-repellent & Hydrofoil sweatband


  • Hand wash hat 

Which women’s hats look good on small heads?

My head is too small!

Hats that look good on small heads:

First of all, we want to say this is your personal choice which hat looks better with your small head. Just our recommendation would be recommended for fedora, snapbacks, trucker hats, summer hats, and baseball caps are so special for small heads. darn brim looks huge.

in spite of this, snapbacks & flat brims might look a bit better but those are uncomfortable. snapback is not available for small heads. It provides more neutral looks & unisex designs. To be honest we really say that these caps are specifically made for men or women.

Women’s hats look good on small heads :

  1. The Baseball Cap : Budget-Friendly: Under Armour ArmourVent Cap


  • Closure type Hook and Loop 
  • This is a Machine Wash item 
  •  unstructured front panels
  • This  lightweight item is truly  breathable
  • logo for increased visibility
  • Very  stretchy &  durable 
  • fast-drying fabric
  • Reflective taping


  • Machine Wash hat 
  • color is not accurate
  • Slouch fit hat

2. The Floppy Hat : Budget-Friendly: Hurley Women’s Wide Brim Floppy


  • a unique blend of style
  • this hat keeps you cool in summer
  • a unique look at the beach
  • great for the beach
  • EASY CARE Sun Protection hat 
  • Available Sizes and Colors
  • This packable hat Great Gift for women 


  • No bad reviews available 

3. The Beanie : Budget-Friendly: Smartwool Unisex Beanie


  • Made in USA 
  • 100% Wool
  • Double-layered
  • interlocking knit
  • Comfortable &  breathable
  • odor resistance
  • bulk-free fit
  • Adjustable closure


  • endless tugging
  • misshaping

4. Brixton Women’s Fedora


  • Made from 95% Wool 
  • Only 5% Polyurethane
  • Weave type Knit
  • Cotton Sweatband
  • Classic Pinched Crown
  • faux-leather band
  • Versatile style
  • Medium-Width Flat brim 
  • Clean &  Classic Design
  • Perfectly  Fit & Feel comfortable 


  • No Closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • bad packaging!
  • None! It seems  like  the  greatest hat

5. The “Instagram” Hat : Budget-Friendly: ULTRAFINE Straw Panama Hat 


  • This Button closure item abides by U.S. Trademark law.
  • Its material is Toyo Straw
  • Brim size only 2 1 /2” snap
  • Excellent Sun Protection
  • Crown size only 4 3/4”
  • The very soft moist cloth
  • 1 1/4” grosgrain
  • feel comfortable in a hot weather 
  • Very STYLISHLY & ELEGANT design 
  • This  lightweight item Perfect for any special event or occasions


  • The Sizing is WAY off
  • In someone’s opinion its poor quality

6. The ponytail hat Budget-Friendly: TrailHeads ponytail for Women


  • INNOVATIVE  design & enhanced visibility
  • looks  VERSATILE for reflective stitching
  • Made from polyester/spandex
  • Perfect for 22 1/2″ head sizes 
  • Trail Tested  Guaranteed


  • made in China
  • Way too small

7. The visor Budget-Friendly: melin Visor


  • Snap closure & Moisture Wicking Lining
  • Exterior Crown with Hidden Besom Pocket
  • Hydrophobic exterior water-capable Visor
  • Included rear panels for good breathability.


  • Bad fit & Not one size fits all
  • Not Deep Enough

8. The trucker hat Budget-Friendly: Sunday Afternoons Trucker hat 


  • Super quality 
  • Unisex Artist Series
  • One Size Fitted 
  • Northern Lights
  • Super Nice hat


  •  Fits weird
  • not for tiny heads
  • Its foam looks cheap

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hats are stylish and will look good with any outfit?

There are so many stylish and good-looking hats that you can choose from! For small heads, beanies, fedoras, baseball caps, and ski caps are great options. They can add personality and style to any outfit you wear, no matter what the occasion is. In the winter, hats are a great way to keep your head and ears warm.

What should I do if my hat gets lost or stolen while out in the cold weather?

If you’ve lost or stolen your winter hat, don’t worry. Most companies will offer a refund or replacement within a certain amount of time. To find out more information and troubleshoot the issue, you can try contacting the retailer where you purchased the hat. If you still can’t find your hat, then ordering a new one from Amazon may be the best solution for you.

What are some of the best hats for small heads that will keep your head warm?

When it comes to hats, the best option for small heads is usually wool or felt hat. These hats are usually heavy and can’t be easily taken off, but they do provide some warmth. Cotton ball hats may provide some warmth, but they won’t keep your head as warm as you would want it to be. The materials used to make hats should be light, breathable, and water resistant. This means that the hat will not only keep your head warm, but it will also protect you from wind and rain.

How do I know which hat size is right for me?

To find the right size hat for you, first, measure the circumference of your head using a ruler or tape measure. Once you have determined the correct size, make sure to try it on before buying it to ensure there are no disappointments. The best hats for small heads generally have a snug fit and will help keep your head warm.

Can I wear a hat indoors?

You can wear a hat indoors! In fact, it is also advisable to do so during winter when the air becomes colder and drier. Wearing a hat indoors will keep your head warm and protect you from harmful UV rays. Hat varieties come in all shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and styles – so find one that suits your personality and style.

What materials are the best materials for hats that cover my entire head?

For hats that cover your entire head, consider using materials like straw, felt, or wool. These materials trap heat and keep your head warm, even if the weather is cold outside. In addition, avoid hats with too many embellishments – these will only add unnecessary weight to your head. Instead, make sure that the brim is wide enough to cover your entire forehead and chin.

Is it important to buy a size-appropriate hat when buying a hat for small heads?

It is important to buy a size-appropriate hat when buying a hat for small heads as it will keep your head warm and stylish. So, buy one size larger than what you usually wear. Additionally, find a hat that fits your style and needs. There are many hats that come in different sizes and styles, so be sure to find the right one for you.

What are some of the best hats for small heads that will keep your head warm?

There are a few hats that are popular for small heads and can keep your head warm in any weather condition. Some of these hats include beanies, fedoras, and knit caps. When choosing a hat for small heads, it is important to make sure that it fits snugly and is made from a warm material. For example, a good hat for small heads may be a beanie or knit cap.

Which hat style is best for me?

If you have a small head, then you should consider wearing a sunhat or beanie-style hat. These hats provide extra warmth and protection from UV rays, and beanies are a perfect choice because they cover your ears and keep your head warm. A fedora is also a great option for small heads as it’s both stylish and practical.

How can I find stylish and comfortable hats that fit my small head well?

There are a few things that you need to take into account when searching for hats that fit small heads well. Some hats are adjustable so that they can be worn comfortably on top of your head. Other hats, like the ones with ear flaps or an extra wide-brimmed hat, can provide extra coverage and warmth. When choosing a hat, it’s important to consider your style and what will look good on you. Additionally, make sure to find a hat that is both stylish and comfortable.


Hats are one of the most important accessories for winter, and they’re also a great way to show your fashion sense. Whether you’re looking for a classic fedora or something a little more unique, we’ve got you covered! In addition to the 10 hats listed below, make sure to check out our hat section for more options!

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