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Best women’s baseball caps for small heads

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When you want a baseball cap you should choose its color, fit, material, softness, durability, and breathability of that cap. Normally we see many baseball hats fit a single good size. It normally would be smaller than a men’s hat. Usually, a women’s head size would be 20-22 inches approximately. In this post, we briefly describe how to choose the Best women’s baseball caps for small heads.

So it is difficult to find out best fitting hats for women. Although there are many types of baseball caps available on the online store. The small size is also knowns as a petite size.  Which especially provides many brands. Although many types are made for men and many types are made for women. To choose the right hat please Browse these hats for small heads to choose the perfect accessory. 

How to measure a small head for women? 

It is a very hard task to select the Best women’s baseball caps for small heads.First, you take a measuring tape and wrap your head around the ears and eyebrows. Now come to the main point, You should follow an extra small size head that should be 20 inches. The small size would be 21 to 22 inches. The majority head size for women is 7.5 as in the USA sizing. Small hats are for measurements 21 1/8″ – 21 1/2″ inches heads. Medium hats are for standard measurement 21 7/8″ – 22 1/4″ inches heads. 22 5/8″ – 23″ is usually the standard head size for big or large head for women.


Best Overall:

Best for packable :

Best for waterproof :

Best for ponytail :

Best for lightweight : 

Best Sturdy:

Best Distressed:

Best Vintage Washed: Furtalk Vintage Washed Distressed Baseball Cap

Best For Winters:

Best for summer

Best Low Profile:

Best Quick-Drying

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Best Durable:

How to Choose Best women’s baseball caps for small heads?

Baseball hats are normally made of cotton or cotton blends. In addition, many baseball hats are made from jersey mesh moisture-wicking fabrics, wool, and acrylic/wool blends. Sometimes many baseball caps are made of solid-color wool. there are many types of baseball hats which are made of foam, sweatband, and rule tape with buckle closure, button mand braid. Its front panel lining really looks charming for women.  The brim protects your face from the harmful sun rays. Normally best baseball hat is made of plastic.

Baseball hat features : 

There are many types of women’s baseball cap which is functional or fashionable. make sure your baseball cap should be easy to spot the difference between a snapback and a strap back. As a general rule, if it has a front-facing brim and panel construction, it is a ball cap. There are many different types of ball caps based on  fitted, snapback, strapback. However flexfit, trucker, and 5-panel styles are not ignorable for women 

Crown :

A baseball cap refers to a structured low crown including thats the front of that cap designed by embroidery above the brim. you can also see the high crown, mid crown , unstructured low crown, etc. our best suggestion women should wear the low crowns with a standard brim size including baseball or hiking.

Closure Type 

Make sure your baseball cap should not too loose and drooping. Adjustable closure hat adjust hat with your head perfectly. So you should select the right adjustable closure type baseball cap. There are many types of closure available like plastic, hook/loop closure which is called velcro., a tuck strap closure, metal buckle, also D fit nylon strap closure .fitted closures are not adjustable. so its not fit with your head perfectly. The back side of fitted baseball cap is closed .you can choose  straps, buckles or  velcro closure  as the like that you can’t ignore snap system closure.


A baseball cap normally would be 5 or 6 panels. But five is good. These five Panels make up the top of a baseball cap

Brim or visor:

The brim is a useful element of a baseball cap. The brim size would be standard for baseball, especially for women. Look for a wide brim that protects your face from harmful sun rays. It is normally designed with plastic.It is the most important part if you want Best women’s baseball caps for small heads.


You look this features on a baseball cap  its a small holes included which is situated on the top of the cap that allows your head to breathe. These features should have your baseball cap when you hiking or playing it protect from the insecticide. It can be metal or stitching.


The buckram is situated in the liner which provides structure inside the front of baseball cap. Its provides also more casual look for low profile. You should remember in every time you unstructured baseball cap no buckram is included 

Ponytail hole :

The baseball cap should have a ponytail hole but is not compulsory. If you want don’t like your skin to sport high buns then you can choose a ponytail baseball cap.

Hat Materials

You should Look for natural fabric like cotton to ensure comfortable and lightweight. this cap feels very soft and lightweight. Many Cotton baseball caps ensure ventilation to provide high sun protection also and keep your head very cool.

What is the best material for a baseball hat?


It is popular according to polyethylene terephthalate. Polyester fabrics are made from staple fabric which is made from recycled plastic. So can you guess how much it would be famous?  remember that polyester is durable and resistant to water being made from recycled plastic.moreover, brims and mesh are also designed with polyester.


Wool is made from sheep’s fur. Wool is commonly used to make beanies which are naturally imbibed that weight in moisture up to 25%. It is very soft and durable and also fire resistant. Its keep you warm in winter. You should also rem that remind  wool is water-resistant. By making 5 panel baseball cap  and snapback wool is used popularly.

Cotton – cotton is another common material to make a baseball cap which is made from soft, fluffy staple fiber .this staple fiber is very soft and feel comfortable when you used a cotton fabric baseball cap. 

Acrylic – 

If you are looking for  outstanding strength, stiffness of your baseball cap you can choose acrylic. This material also provide optical clarity to your baseball cap. It is resistant water  and very cheap . its shape of styles is very charming and captivate every season. It provide superior weathering properties.


Normally felt hat made from wool. many baseball caps and fedoras are made from felt .this type of fabric is a matted fabric that is structured of textile fibers.  The felt hat is made from an animal hats and traditional wool. This is also made from synthetic fiber that made from acrylic . it is very professional look .


Nylon – 

Nylon is one kind of synthetic polymer that is made from polyamides. Normally polyamide is made from petroleum. These polyamides are used to make baseball caps and mesh back panel hats. It is very popular since 1935 when it is invented.

Straw – Yup, straw is normally made from artificial heavy fiber. This fiber prevalent in making fedora baseball cap and sun boating hats. Nowadays it is commonly used in every season. 

Check the amazon buyer reviews to understand properly which baseball cap you like ? it is very hard when you are choosing it online store.

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